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Monday, 15 September 2014

Friday October 10th 2014 - She’Koyokh

Fri 10 October 2014  

She’Koyokh - From the Baltic to the Black Sea

8 pm        £10

In 19th century Eastern Europe, Jewish musicians travelled from town to town performing at weddings and other celebrations, meeting and playing with local musicians and sharing repertoire.
In the same vein London-based group She’Koyokh, Britain’s best klezmer and Balkan music band (Songlines), has spent the last decade exploring the rich and diverse folk music of Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Balkans. The result is an expertly crafted, multi-lingual extravaganza reflecting band members’ origins and their travels from the Baltic to the Black Sea. 

Hailed as “one of London’s musical treasures, playing the best Balkan and klezmer music in Britain” (The Evening Standard) and “among the finest klezmer ensembles on the planet” (The Australian), She'Koyokh's evolution spans the humble origins of busking at East London’s Columbia Road flower market to performing in the famous concert halls of Europe including Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, the Gasteig in Munich and London’s Southbank Centre. As well as TV appearances and live sessions on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune and World on 3, She’Koyokh has performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, WOMAD and Cheltenham, and was nominated as Best Group in the Songlines World Music Awards 2012. Recently the band has have played support for Mahala Rai Banda at the London Jazz Cafe and collaborated with the Aurora Orchestra at LSO St Luke's.

She'Koyokh's members hail from the UK, USA, Serbia, Greece and Turkey, forging a unique sound that is traditional yet original. Their live shows are an expertly crafted, multi-lingual exploration from the Baltic to the Black Sea with songs in Yiddish, Russian, Greek, Ladino, Romany, Turkish and Kurdish with klezmer instrumentals and folk tunes from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.
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Monday, 31 March 2014

Friday April 25th - Bayou Seco

Friday 25 April
Bayou Seco

8 pm  £8
Tinwell Village Hall, Manor Lane, Tinwell PE9 3UD

Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie, otherwise known as Bayou Seco, have their roots deep in the south west of the United States, with its shifting populations of Native American, French, Mexican, Polish, German, Irish migrant adventurers, each with their own particular flavour to add to the rich musical sauce. Both play fiddle and guitar and sing. Ken also plays one and three row diatonic accordions, 5-string banjo (fretless and freted), harmonica, and mandolin.

Thursday June 5th - Estonian Dance - Kadri Laube and Marju Varblane

Thursday 5th June
Estonian Dance - Kadri Laube and Marju Varblane

8 pm £8
8-9 pm. dance workshop, and then a dance to 11 pm.
Tinwell Village Hall, Manor Lane, Tinwell PE9 3UD

Kadri and Marju are two of the foremost traditional dance musician in Estonia - playing fiddles, often in harmony, Estonian diatonic accordion, jew's harp and several other instruments. They come as part of their first UK tour to playing at the Southwell Folk Festival in Nottinghamshire. They are passionate about their own traditional dance music, and teaching other people about it. We're sure you've never done this dancing before, but we guarantee you'll enjoy every minute of it. The energetic couple, circle and longways dances are easy to learn and there will be several teachers at the workshop before the dance. As the most northerly country of the Baltic States it was formerly part of the Soviet Union but it now firmly part of the European Union – a great country to learn more about it's revived musical tradition and culture. If you want to play some tunes after the dance and have some tea and cake, bring instruments along for a late night session.

Friday April 4th - Rheingans Sisters

Friday April 4th 2014
Rheingans Sisters

8 pm £8
Now at Tinwell Village Hall, Manor Lane, Tinwell PE9 3UD

The Rheingans sisters, Rowan and Anna, have been playing Swedish dance music and singing together for many years -two fiddles, two voices with banjo, cello, bansitar and concertina. Rowan is a member of the eclectic, harmony-singing folk trio Lady Maiserie. Anna is now living in the south of France and attending a course in Occitan music at the University of Toulouse. So they will be playing for both French and Swedish dances, as well as playing and singing traditional and contemporary folk music from across Scandinavia, Britain and America. This will be partly concert, partly dance so come along either to dance or just listen.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Saturday September 28th - The Magic of Rajasthan with The Jaipur Kawa Brass Band

Northwick Arms Hall, Ketton
8 pm     £8
Indian Chai, nibbles and raffle at half time

With elaborate rhythms and virtuoso improvisations this spectacular group of authentic Rajastanhi gypsies present a wild repertoire, from traditional Indian classics to popular Bollywood movies hits. 


Hailing from a long family lineage of musicians and sharing his life between Jaipur and Paris, Hameed Khan Kawa has known the sound of the brass band since his birth. Exposed to different musical styles – jazz, Western traditional music, Indian music – Hameed developed the idea of creating a brass band of his own to present the fantastic sound of the Indian Brass Band.

He selected the most talented musicians from the best local bands of Rajasthan, with a repertoire blending popular themes from Bollywood films, traditional music of Rajasthan with its distinctive Gypsy sound, and even a touch of Hindustani classical music to create a sound which is individual and unexpected.

A rousing musical extravaganza on recognisably Western instruments such as the clarinet, trumpet, trombone, sousaphone, saxophone and tuba and an array of percussion. They come with a beautifully costumed Gypsy Sapera Kalbelya dancer and a genuine fakir, whose sabre swallowing, extreme juggling and stupendous balancing skills have to be seen to be believed.

Why not book a meal before the show at the Northwick Arms?

Advance Tickets: Adam Cade 01780 720 521
Ketton Showtime of touring performers,
supported by The Ketton White Bread Trust, Centre Stage, Rutland CC

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Saturday 14 December 2013 - Café Manouche - Hot gypsy jazz

Café Manouche - Hot gypsy jazz

Ketton Showtime of touring performances

Saturday 14 December 2013

8 pm

Northwick Arms Hall, Ketton PE9 3TA

Booking: Adam Cade  01780 720 521   £8

Sweet accordion, fiery guitars, playing gypsy jazz 
the old fashioned way from dizzying waltzes to slick be-bop

Café Manouche is brought to you by three brothers from the Stamford area; Matt Kerry (guitar), Jonny Kerry (accordion, trumpet, vocals) and Christian Hamblin (double bass), joined by Arthur Tyers (guitar), occasional sultry vocals by Natalia Douglas and various other guests. The group play an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from the sounds of the swinging 1930’s and the Waltz-Musette of Parisian dance halls, to Latin Bossa Nova, traditional gypsy songs and the slick, up tempo sound of 1950’s Be-Bop. 

Café Manouche play in the distinct style of The Hot Club of France and are highly influenced by old players such as the Ferret family, Oscar Aleman, Tchan Tchou Vidal, as well as the more modern styles of Charlie Parker and George Benson. This accordion led band are quickly making a name for themselves and are notorious for playing their music with endless new passion, grace and a maturity that is often lost in this style today.

Come and prepare for the Christmas season and let Café Manouche transport you back in time. 

See their latest Youtube video and their website.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Witchley Warren Festival

Sunday July 14th

From 1 - 6pm.

at The Northwick Arms, Ketton

Local bands palying folk, roots and jazz
Workshops on singing, drumming etc.
BBQ and local craft stalls